Virtual Events

Bringing everyone together when you can’t actually bring everyone together.

Sometimes doing a live, in-person meeting just doesn’t make sense

The problem is, many virtual meetings…suck.

We’ve all experienced bad virtual meetings and events. While it might be nice to “attend” a webcast or Zoom meeting in your favorite pajamas or boxer shorts, the overall experience can be, shall we say, lacking. Sometimes a web conference simply won’t do.

We’ve Designed a Better Way

Imagine a broadcast-quality program that encompasses the type of high production values of the Today Show, SportsCenter, or Meet the Press. Combine that with the interactive and high-touch participant elements we’ve come to expect and enjoy in a live setting, while still allowing your primary presenters to present from their remote locations.

A Virtual Event Experience

Our proprietary web-delivery platform combines the qualities of professional broadcast with the flexibility of virtual presentations. Add in fun, creative, interactive elements for your attendees, and the options are endless for your next event.

Call us today and we’ll help you design an amazing, high-level virtual experience for your next event. You’ll be shocked at how much money you’ll save on travel, hotels, food, and logistics – and perhaps best of all, your attendees won’t have to change out of their favorite pair of sweat pants.

Transperia Group is a Corporate Communications Agency specializing in Corporate Events and Media.

We help busy sales, marketing, and corporate executives eliminate the stress, hassle, and budget fears associated with creating their corporate events and media projects, and help them produce their best event or project EVER.

A Virtual Event Experience Can Include:

  • Live in-studio host
  • Professional Video Roll-ins
  • Live Q&A between Viewers & Presenters
  • Studio-Based Live Performance Content
  • Real-time Audience Interactions
  • The option for your speakers to present from our studio, or their remote locations

Contact us today and we’ll help you create an AMAZING virtual event experience!

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