Corporate Event Production

You want awesome, and on budget.  We specialize in that.

You are in charge of planning your next big corporate event – and it has to be GREAT.  But so often budgets get out of hand, vendors don’t deliver, labor unions can get tricky, and logistics can bog you down.  It shouldn’t be so hard.

You’d also like to be able to sleep at night, and have time with your family or friends during the process.  Impossible?

We can help.

This is our wheelhouse, and we know how to get it done.  We want to take stuff off of your plate, and make not only your event – but also the experience of planning your event – effective, fun, and enjoyable.

Schedule an appointment today, and let’s talk about how to make your next event your best one – EVER!

Transperia Group is a Corporate Communications Agency specializing in Corporate Events and Media.

We help busy sales, marketing, and corporate executives eliminate the stress, hassle, and budget fears associated with creating their corporate events and media projects, and help them produce their best event or project EVER.

These are just some of the events we handle.
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• National Sales Meetings
• Conferences and Conventions
• Product Launches
• Annual Meetings
• Trade Shows
• Training