The One Thing

Everyone wants an amazing event. Everyone wants awesome creative elements. Everyone wants their meeting to be done with excellence.

Strangely, our clients have told us that those are not the things that are most important to them when we help them coordinate and produce their corporate events.

Believe it or not, what most of our clients really want…really, really want is this:

Peace of mind.

Yup.  Of course they want a successful event, a great experience for their attendees, or even recognition for a job well done.

But they desperately want the stress and anxiety that comes with overseeing their corporate events to simply go away.  Can you relate?

Why Does It Have to be so Hard?

If you’ve done even just one or two major events, you KNOW how stressful things can get:

  • The venue doesn’t have enough breakout space.
  • Leadership is putting spending pressure on you (as if you have the ability to control air travel expenses, venue costs, food & beverage bills, vendor charges, etc.).
  • Your speakers won’t send you drafts of their presentations by their deadlines (even though they’ve had PLENTY of advance notice).
  • Your key executives have dueling agendas, and you’re stuck in the middle.
  • You have to juggle all kinds of special dietary requests, food allergy issues, meal preferences and restrictions for your attendees while trying to keep food and beverage costs reasonable.
  • You’ve missed the deadline for getting handouts printed, and now have to pay for expedited charges.
  • Your planning team is getting a little frazzled and is at odds with each other.
  • You’re desperately short on sleep, haven’t had a meal with your family in over a week, and you’ve missed two of your kids’ ballgames.
  • And then there’s budget…don’t get you started on budget!

The list of challenging items could go on and on and on.

It’s Not Even My Day Job

For many of our clients, shouldering the responsibility of their company’s annual conference, trade show, or national sales meeting isn’t event their main role.  It’s “extra.”

They have their regular responsibilities in leadership, marketing, sales, or some other department that may or may not have anything to do with the event they are asked to oversee.  Coordinating the massive project that is a corporate event has somehow just found its way onto their plate.



Budget Hassles.

It shouldn’t have to be so hard.

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

There’s a better way.  A WAY better way.  This is the part where this post could start to sound a little like a commercial.  At the risk of that, I’ll still share this thought:

Consider hiring a professional corporate event production partner.

Whether it’s Transperia, or some other partner you’ve found and trust, lean into the expertise, experience, and support of a professional production company.

I can’t speak for everyone out there, but I know that we at Transperia are driven to help our clients:

          Create an amazing event, with awesome creative elements, and done with excellence.

But more importantly, we love (and I mean love) when we can come alongside a client, take the production burden off of their shoulders, and provide THEM with a great experience in the midst of creating a great experience for their attendees.

Our Biggest Compliment

Not to toot our own horn, but the biggest (and most common) compliment we get from our clients after an event is this:

“You guys made it easy for me.”

And there’s a reason for that. Producing corporate events, trade shows, national sales meetings, and annual conferences IS our day job.  It’s what we do every single day at work.  And we love it.

Call us crazy, but we love the rush, excitement, and challenge of coordinating every little detail and creating what we like to call a “transformational experience.”

There’s no need for you to reinvent the wheel.  And certainly, no reason to go it alone.

Pick a professional production partner who can be your advocate, your extended support team, and your ally.

We’d love it if you pick us.  ?

Give us a call or schedule an appointment.  Let’s talk about your next project.  We’ll get working on it, and help relieve your stress, and hopefully give you some peace.

Let’s do something cool together!